In Japan Time Feb 13, I went to Kasuga Taisha Shrine( in Nara, Japan)  for praying. 

My wish is "No death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev."

When I went to Todaiji in Jan 27, I wrote to my palm  "NO DEATH PENALTY FOR DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV".This time, cause I would go to Shrine, I decided to write my wish "Ema"("Ema" is a board to write wish at Shrine) and take pictures with this "Ema".

On the way from Kasuga Taisya Shrine's bus stop to Kasuga Taisya Main Sanctuary, I found the shrine named "Hitokotonushi Jinja". This shrine come true only one wish.

I wrote my wish and bring "Ema" into Kasuga Taisya.

In front of stone monument that was engraved "Kasuga Taisya" with Chinese character. 


In front of "MinamiMon".  

  As I tweet with this picture, Some Jahar's supporters were evaluated "Beautiful""People around the world should see this photo"

Absolutely. It's beautiful.

If you feel beautiful as see this photo, perhaps, your beautiful mind which pray for Jahar, seek the truth is reflected.
I want people as many as possible to watch this photo.

I found a beautiful deer, too.

After I took pictures at some places, I pray at Hitokotonushi Jinjya and hanged "Ema".

Someone share this FaceBook page instead of me. I'm so glad.
No Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev | Facebook
Thanks a lot, someone share this photo.

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