It is a continuation of the previous article.
I notice something unusual before Boston Bomb. Later, I thoght BMB was FalseFlag.
Something unusual happened bebore Boston Bomb corresponeds to the law 1) "The same kind of incidents and accidents occur continuously under a near date. "

The laws of fablicated accidents and incidents
1).The same kind of incidents and accidents occur continuously under a near date.
2).The keywords about myself are used or signs are shown.
3).The same keywords are used for separate incidents( or accidents).
4).Separate incidents(or accidents) have a fragmentary relation.

Before Boston bomb, in Japan, bomb and fire happened frequently.

Apr 9. The fire broke out in the metalworking factory in Osaka Prefecture, one person died and three person injured.
4 workers injured in factory explosion in Osaka, Japan - WORLD - Globaltimes.cn

Apr 10. A tire exploded in the Self-Defense Forces of Saitama Prefecture, one woman undertook death and one man got seriously injured.

Apr 10. A warehouse fire and momentary operation were postponed in the area along Sanyo Shinkansen(superexpress train).

Apr 12. It is the outbreak of a fire in the Ion Kamatori store, a large shopping mall in Midori-ku, Chiba Prefecture.
Apr 12. It is the outbreak of a fire at the product from the Midori Kosan of an industrial-waste-treatment company.

*All dates are Japan Standard Time.
*About Apr.12...Midori means Green in English. I was investigating those days the past incidents with doubt of fabrication which occurred in Japan. The incident in which the young girl was murdered is in it. The girl's name is Midori. They used the name of Midori which I noticed a keyword, and there is doubt which generated each fire on the same day.
*About other keywords, since it becomes long, it omits.

From April 15, three explosion accidents occurred in succession in the United States including the Boston Marathon explosion.
Apr 15. Boston bomb
Apr 15. The JFK Library bomb
Apr 17. Texas fertillizer plant bomb

Because I knew the laws of fablicated accidents and incidents 1).The same kind of incidents and accidents occur continuously under a near date, I regarded as clearly strange that explosion and fires were occurring frequently in Japan and the United States at same period.

The Boston bomb occurred on April 16 of Japan Standard Time. On the same day, the incident applicable to the law 3). and the law 4). occured in Japan.

 I explain that incident.
On April 16 of Japan Standard Time, the man took the female hostage in Aichi Prefecture.The man crimed on the roof and hold up with the hostage.

Isn't there any portion which is common in the details of the Boston Marathon explosion occurring?
That's right, it is "a man on the roof."

 A Man on the roof in Aichi Prefecture 1
(A Woman in the right side is a hostage)

A Man on the roof in Aichi Prefecture 2

A Man on the roof in Aichi Prefecture 3

A Man on the roof in Boston Bomb.

Before a man on the roof in Aichi Prefecture, a certain incident which has doubt of fabrication  occurred several months ago.
A man held some hostages and holded up in a credit bank. It also occurred in Aichi Prefecture.  Moreover the criminal's face was just like that of the entertainer(singer) who may have performed the net stalker to me. (This criminal was diffent from "a man on the roof".)

A man holded up in a credit bank

A singer who may have performed the net stalker to me

"Hostage""hold up""Aichi Prefecture" These were keywords which I could conjecture that these were lies easily. Therefore, I think "a man on the roof in Aichi Prefecture" was also fabrication which inspired "a man on the roof in Boston Bomb".

To be continued.

I watched this YouTube some days ago. So sweet. So sad.



One Year have passed since Boston Bomb FalseFlag.

 I am a Japanese woman and supporter of Tamerlan, Jahar, Todashev.
There are many Jahar's supporters in USA.
There are many North & South American, European, Chechen or Muslim's supporters.

There aren't many supporters in Asia.
Despite of asian, I am a supporter and I have clear reason why I support them.

I am surveillanced.
Till now, So many accidents and incidents fabricated from information which spied me.
I think Boston Bomb is one of them.
Despite he may be sentenced to death and  I knew it was FalseFlag, can I leave him?

Recently, I read some articles. Tamerlan, Jahar, Todashev have been surveillanced.
Is The Government Lying About The Boston Bombing?
ACLU, Todashev, and surveillance concerns - THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBINGS:What Happened?

I wonder if they were abused after they were surveillanced.
If so, it is no wonder I am surveillanced and that information is abused.


The reason why I am surveillanced is I wrote comments certain Japanese actor's Blog again and again. I wrote comments using humor, jokes.
The actor and coworkers were interested in my comments.

Japanese Media and Entertainers search for interesting ordinary citizens over the internet.
Later, they surveillance that ordinary citizen.
Surveillanced information uses to make TV program, song, movie and so on. In my case, they utilized my information for scenario of fabricated accident, incident, Falseflag.

One of them is BOSTON BOMB, I think.
And not only this.

There are the other incidents and accidents which occurred in the United States, Japan, or other countries and which are considered to be fabrication.
In this blog, I have written articles about only Boston Bomb. Despite it, this Blog's title is "No More FalseFlag", not "No More Boston Bomb." The reason why is there are fabrications except Boston Bomb.

They survey Japanese people like me and make scenerio and DO FalseFlag.
A crime organization is located in Japan and the United States, and I think that they have conspired.

If such a remark is made, it may be foolish who comes to write "You have schizophrenia", but it does not care.
Perhaps US and Japanese crime organizations have same crazy manual.

I'm not good at English so much.
But I am going to write the fablication of Boston Bomb little by little.

This is the site written by me in Japanese which becomes a base of this report. I wrote this about a year before.

My analysis of the situation of the incident and accident which were fabricated until now will look at fixed law nature.

The laws of fablicated accidents and incidents
1).The same kind of incidents and accidents occur continuously under a near date.
2).The keywords about myself are used or signs are shown.
3).The same keywords are used for separate incidents( or accidents).
4).Separate incidents(or accidents) have a fragmentary relation.

Cause I found this law, I notice something unusual before Boston Bomb. Later, I thoght BMB was FalseFlag.

To be continued.



In Japan Time Feb 13, I went to Kasuga Taisha Shrine( in Nara, Japan)  for praying. 

My wish is "No death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev."

When I went to Todaiji in Jan 27, I wrote to my palm  "NO DEATH PENALTY FOR DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV".This time, cause I would go to Shrine, I decided to write my wish "Ema"("Ema" is a board to write wish at Shrine) and take pictures with this "Ema".

On the way from Kasuga Taisya Shrine's bus stop to Kasuga Taisya Main Sanctuary, I found the shrine named "Hitokotonushi Jinja". This shrine come true only one wish.

I wrote my wish and bring "Ema" into Kasuga Taisya.

In front of stone monument that was engraved "Kasuga Taisya" with Chinese character. 


In front of "MinamiMon".  

  As I tweet with this picture, Some Jahar's supporters were evaluated "Beautiful""People around the world should see this photo"

Absolutely. It's beautiful.

If you feel beautiful as see this photo, perhaps, your beautiful mind which pray for Jahar, seek the truth is reflected.
I want people as many as possible to watch this photo.

I found a beautiful deer, too.

After I took pictures at some places, I pray at Hitokotonushi Jinjya and hanged "Ema".

Someone share this FaceBook page instead of me. I'm so glad.
No Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev | Facebook
Thanks a lot, someone share this photo.



It is my opinion. 

When Boston bombing occurred, there were some person who carried black backpack on their back at the bombing site.They left from site after the bombs without their backpack.

If a characteristic of the wreckage of a backpack left in the bombing site accords with the backpack which those person carried on their back, Jahar's side may prove that those person who had this backback is an explosion criminal. 

 I think Jahar side should sue those people with murder.
 If there is an explosion criminal group elsewhere, Jahar side may prove that Jahar aren't explosion convictions.



Is there any physical evidence? 
Jahar had a Backpack barehand. If He is a criminal, his fingerprint should be detected.
His fingerprint isn't detected.

There aren't the pictures that Jahar wears gloves. There aren't the pictures that Jahar put a backpack in the crime scene. These are similar about Tamerlan.

No evidence, but arrest, then it's a criminal act for Jahar.
An unfair arrest, libel, human rights violations Jahar is a victim.

How about Tamerlan? 
Possibility of the murder for an innocent guy is very high. 

Jahar's side should sue court of law, police, FBI and so on.



Boston Bomb was fabricated crime.
Boston Bomb was False Flag.
I know well this fact than anyone.

Because Boston Bomb has fabricated from the infomation which spied me.

I knew the trial of this "crime" began in this January.

Supporters of "suspect" Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is strongly concerned about death penalty being applied. 
For declaration of intention of the death penalty objection, the supporter collects messages by  Face Book widely.

No Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev | Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/nodeathpenaltyfordzhokhartsarnaev

The participation in support method:

Is Jahar considered to be death penalty?
I can never permit such a thing.ヽ(。-`ω´-) (●`∧´)ノ

Boston bomb was False Flag.
Tamerlan and Dzhokhar(Jahar) are  forged criminal.
Death penalty for forged criminal?
By the crime that someone forged from the information that spied on me, besides? 

I think that it is difficult to translate all the Japanese which myself wrote into English now. 
Therefore I express my feeling with photographs.


I photographed these pictures in Todai-ji Temple of Nara, in Japan on January 27, 2014.
Tōdai-ji - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



THEY  gives a signature in secret and annoys me. 
The signature is given so that only I understand it. 
The signature is given not to understand it to a person except me. 

I introduce the one of the signatures this time. 
It is a signature to INTIMATE that THEY fabricated a Boston marathon explosion from the information that spied on me.
If you are a supporter of Tamerlan and Dzahokhar(Jahar) ,  you notice that the American main stream medias are garbage.  The signature was given with one of those, CNN. 

On one day that around one and a half month passed away since a Boston marathon bomb, I wore the pants which became old as a substitute for pajamas.  Though the size of the pants was oversized for me, I didn't mind because I wore it only in my room.I often pulled up the pants in my room. 

Then the video that Tamerlan and Dzahokhar(Jahar) trained by a gym was broadcasted in CNN on May 31, 2013.

There is the scene where Dzahokhar pulls up his pants.

I think that it is a harassing signature.

I took a video as soon as I noticed the signature. 
It is the pants which actually I wore. 
(Title:"The evidence that I was done human rights violations by CNN" )

I think that you understand that I considerably pull up these pants.

As for both the reported timing and the contents, the video of CNN is improper. 
I point out five funny points. 

1). In CNN's News, Is it necessary to emphasize the part which is shameful like 'Dzahokhar desperate to lift pants of the oversize'? or  'Dzahokhar lacks stamina.'? CNN laughed at Dzhokhar, unfairly lowered his evaluation.

2). CNN broadcasted the video to the 5/31.  Why was it broadcasted by a Boston marathon explosion after one and a half month passed? 

3). Please consider 1 and 2. THEY put it together in the time when I wore oversized pants, and broadcasting the video of Dzahokhar.Only I understand after I pulled up my pants for several days, the video that Jahar pulled up his pants was broadcasted. Only I understand that two timings accord. THEY INTIMATE that THEY imitated me by this method and laugh.

4). It is the impression operation that is going to lower Tamerlan's evaluation to speak ill of character of him in the news.

5). Before Boston Bomb, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were common citizens. Why would a video of the everyday life to train be photographed?  There is the person who wants not to be watched a training figure by another person.  Why is it photographed to an indoor state? 

There is an example in Italy, the systematic abuse of wiretapping and the publication [of the results] in newspapers and on television.

10 million Italians being spied upon, says Berlusconi - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Even if same thing as Italy occurs in Japan and U.S.A., It is not mysterious at all. 
For example, does NSA spied citizens in the world, doesn't it? 

I used "THEY" "INTIMATE"  like this article. 

I have written the contents of this article in my blog on June 2, 2013 of the Japan time.